2015 Committee has been Decided

President:                                  Gary Sinnott

Vice President:                                Jim Platts

Secretary/Fundraiser:                     Leonie Monro

Treasurer:                                  Andrew Day

Assistant Treasurer:                     Tania O'Connell

Contest Director:                       Robert Day       

Media Liaison:                Gary Sinnott / Robert Day

Ordinary Members:                 Trevor Mason

                                           Daryl Wright

                                        Barry Giles

                                        Matt Monro

Catering Committee            Matthew Day

                                            Robina Little   

                                    Gail Giles

                                            Leonie Monro    

                                   Faye Day


For any information about Loddon darts Association feel free to contact

Gary Sinnott           0429943450

Robert day            0439372118

Leonie Monro         0411896460


Loddon darts would like to advise that we now have caps and stubby holders available for sale
to purchase contact a committee member
Caps $15                                Stubby Holders $6