Statement of Purpose of the Loddon Darts Association Inc.

Promote the game of darts in North Central Victoria, particularly within the Shire of Loddon.

Provide a healthy competitive, yet social, outlet for members of the community within the above bounds where there is little opportunity to otherwise do so.

Encourage those in the Community less inclined to be involved in more physical sports to become more active and participate.

Develop talent identification programs for officials and players, and to encourage participation by juniors and their families in a healthy social environment.

Set rules under which the game will be played, maintain an efficient administration and to exercise jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the Sport of Darts including and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to discipline or otherwise deal with any member or individual.

Build and maintain a strong profile in the community at large as a popular and successful sport, and to continually increase the number of dart players within the region whilst promoting and fostering the powers of equity and social justice.