Playing Rules


A team shall consist of 4 players plus, as many reserves as desired.A reserve will only be credited with having played a game, (towards
qualification for finals), if they play at least one game of singles, doubles or teams game.

The cost of play is $12.00 per team per night.

All players are deemed to be registered with Loddon Darts Association after their name is entered on a score sheet.Player Registration is $2.00 per player
No player can be registered in more than one team and interchanging of players between teams, even in the same venue, can only be done by requesting
and having transfer approved by the Committee.

Players transferring after the halfway mark of the season cannot qualify for finals.

No player will be granted more than one transfer in any season.

New players (ie those not previously registered during the current LDA season) can be registered and then qualified by playing 5 games at any time
during the season prior to the finals.

All players must wear substantive footwear at all times. The toes and upper part of the foot is to be enclosed in a protective material.Thongs, open sandals or bare feet are not allowed at any time.

Captains are to ensure this rule is strictly enforced.

Captains be responsible for collecting his/her teams monies and forwarding to the Treasurer in a manner agreed by both parties. Any new teams wishing to enter the Loddon Darts Association must fall into area already covered in 2019 competition.

A team may play up to two juniors (U18), of which only one can be under 16.

Current membership period runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of the playing year. Juniors may only play in venues where allowed by the licensee and whilst under direct supervision of other adult team members or a legal guardian.


All matches under the jurisdiction of Loddon Darts Association shall be played on a Committee approved dartboard numbered 1 to 20, with doubles and trebles and a bullseye consisting of a 25 and a 50 sector.

The dart board shall have all divisions clearly marked and shall have the number 20 at the top and shall be of the darker colour, and in no case shall the wires that form the boundary be out of true.

The visiting captain may, within reason, reject the board which, in their opinion, is not conforming with rule 2(b) or is in any way mutilated. If a visiting captain believes the board or lighting does not conform with any sub-rule within rule 2, they are required to inform a member of the Committee as soon as possible.

The board shall be so positioned that the distance from the floor to the centre of the vertical face of the board is 1.73 metres and so positioned where possible, to allow adequate clearance each side of the board to allow a player to move for their throw.


The throw line (tape, strip or raised oche) shall be a distance of 2.37 metres from the face of the board measured horizontally along the floor to the BACK of the throw line. (Approx 3 metres measured diagonally from the top wire of the triple 20 to the floor)

The throw line shall be plainly marked and at least 900 millimeters long and 6 millimeters wide. A chalk line will not suffice. Players must throw from behind the line, not upon it.

One warning will be given, then subsequent occurrences will be considered foul dart .

A player may move as far along the throw line as desired providing they remain behind the line. Players in wheelchairs must keep the shoulders in line with the throw


Each player has three (3) darts. Any recognised darts may be used. A dart shall consist of a barrel with steel point, stem and flight. No dart is to be more than 180 millimetres in length, and weigh more than 50 grams.

All darts shall be thrown one at a time by and from the hand.


A throw consists of three darts except where a game is completed in less. Darts cannot be re-thrown, and only darts count of which the points are
touching the surface of the board when the caller calls the score, or at the time of retrieval by the thrower.

Players must throw their set of 3 darts in a timely manner so as not to unnecessarily hold up play. The caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), within reason and with cooperation of the players Captain, may ask a player to hurry up their game.

Once a game has commenced players are not allowed to leave the playing area to go outside for a cigarette. If they are leaving the playing area at any other time during
the match they must inform the Captain.


Three trebles or doubles or darts in any one bed is not game shot unless the doubles constitutes the exact number required


Players are not required to go for the double required, but can obtain the number in their own way, providing they obtain the number required and finishes on a double which completes the exact number required.

Any dart thrown, mistakenly or not, by a player after scoring the required 'double' shall not be counted, as the respective leg, set or match is concluded by the dart scoring the required double.


Scoring darts are those sticking in the board at the completion of a throw of three darts or less, as is necessary and shall be indicated by the point of the dart, which must definitely be in, or touching the boards defined scoring surface. If a dart falls out of the board before the caller announces the total score, it does not count.

Only the darts actually touching or in the board are counted when the score is announced. Check Dart rule does not apply to games played in the Loddon Darts Association.

A dart leaving the players hand but not reaching the board will be considered as having been thrown if it travels more than half way to the board.;
All darts count as a throw, whether they stick in the board or not. Upon the request of a player, a caller, (or chalker where no caller is present), will inform the player what number they have scored and what remains but not how to score it, this information can only be given by their captain or the person designated to assist players.

In the event of a captain being called away from the game a delegated emergency has the power to act in their place. If the number required for a game is exceeded in the course of a throw the throw ceases and no account is taken of the score obtained during the throw.

The inner bull (50) counts as the double of 25 (the outer bull).

A chalker, and where considered necessary a caller, shall be appointed by the captain of each team. The chalker, supplied alternatively by both teams, (1st by the home
team), shall keep a legible account of all scores thrown and the number required.

The chalker shall not erase the score until the game has been checked and verified by the match recorders (Book scorers).

The chalker shall be subject to check at any time throughout the match by the captains, players at the oche, match recorder or caller only, and subject to alteration if wrong.

If a mistake is not pointed out before the finish of the game, the mistake will stand as final and NO alteration will be made.

If a mistake is not pointed out before a possible Game Shot is thrown upon, it may only be altered with the permission of the player(s) who s score will be affected by such alteration.

All competition games will be scored with chalk and a blackboard, (or Whiteboard and erasable marker) and not automatic scorers. The caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), shall act as referee and will be in sole charge of the match and their decisions, providing they do not contravene anything in these rules and regulations, will be final and binding.

The caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), in conjunction with the two Tem Captains, shall have the power to suspend any player at the match who is causing disruption to the match. ; called by the caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), shall remain in the board until the completion of the throw. No score will be taken for any such dart(s).

If the caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), calls a wrong number and the player throws same, and it is game shot, such mistake will be final and binding. Game shot must be a true double.


At no time shall any person other than the thrower, (or if the thrower is incapacitated, their nominated assistant), withdraw their darts from the board, and then not until the caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), has called the score thrown and score verified.

If a player withdraws their darts before the score has been verified, NO SCORE will be recorded.


Home Teams shall appoint a Match Recorder to maintain Team record book/Score sheets. Winning captains are responsible for ensuring results are either phoned through to the Contest Director, Robert Day on 0439372118 or faxed to Faye Day on 5494 7266, by 1.00 pm the day after the match .Score sheets, not already faxed, are to be in the hands of either Rob or Gary by 3.00pm Friday, or posted to 8 Greig St Korong Vale 3520 by Thursday's mail.

There are plenty of options, so scoresheets not received in time by one of the above methods will result in a loss of match points.


The strictest order should be kept during play, and silence should attendthe player taking their position to play. No dart is to be thrown in anger or in a manner which may cause bodily harm to persons or damage to property, including the dartboard.

Such an offence, if considered serious enough may result in a player(s) being suspended from play and their games forfeited.

If it is considered that a dart is thrown in an angry or in a dangerous manner, the caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker) and both Captains will confer re penalty or action to be taken.

If no agreement is reached, the issue will be referred to the committee for follow-up action.

If a player has knowingly busted or pegged, no further darts shall be thrown.A warning will be issued to the player.A second offence in the same night may cause that leg to be forfeited. Only the chalker, and where applicable the caller, and a player retrieving their darts shall be permitted to be in front of the throw line (oche) during a game.

Players must not throw their darts until their opponent has returned behind the throw line after retrieving their darts from the board. players and spectators, except the thrower shall be at least 900 millimeters behind the throw line when a game is in progress.

This includes the throwers opponent(s).

Players mobile phones are to be either switched off or silenced while he/she is playing a game.

The caller, (or in the absence of a caller, the chalker), in conjunction with both Captains shall have the power to suspend any player at the match under
the influence of alcohol.


All matches shall be under the control of Loddon Darts Association.

All matches shall take place on a Tuesday night, and shall commence at 7.30pm and no later than 7.45pm.In the event of the non-appearance of a team, or if the time of start has passed and a team is not prepared to start, a forfeit may be claimed by the opposing team and will be awarded the premiership points and all match points. Teams unable to play on a date arranged shall notify the captain of the opposing team and Loddon Darts Association Committee at least three (3) days before the match is due to take place, to arrange for an alternative date, if agreed by opposing captain. If no alternative date can be arranged the opposing team may claim a forfeit.

No team shall play with less than 3 players.

In each round a player can play once only. If a team is short of players they must forfeit 4th position in the order.

When only three players are present, the following order shall apply:
Doubles 1st - 2 players, 2nd - 1 player
Singles1st games played, 4th game forfeit.
3 players play, 4th position blank.

In Doubles and Teams games missing players shot is forfeited.Other players do not have extra shots to compensate. Any registered player of a team present, who is physically able to, MUST be played before a team can commence short of players, unless opposing captain is in agreement.

A match shall consist of 7 games:
2 Pairs, 601, 1 leg only, straight start double finish.
4 Singles, 501, best of 3 games, straight start double finish.
1 Teams game (4 players), 801, 1 leg only.

Any game not completed within the allotted number of throws shall be decided by the highest score after each player in that leg has thrown 3 darts. In doubles and teams games, the totals of each player in the team shall be added together to achieve the high score total.

Throws (Sets of 3 Darts):

Doubles 10 per player
Teams 8 per player
Singles 15 per player

During the Final series and in Singles and Doubles knockout Competitions all games are to be played to completion. The top four teams after the home and away fixture is completed will participate in the A Grade finals series, teams 5-8 will compete in the B Grade finals series.

All finals matches will be played as above but will be deemed completed when a result has been achieved. Ie. One team has won 4 games. See Finals Series below.

Match points shall be 4 points per winning team as premiership points, in the event of a drawn match both teams will be awarded 2 points each as premiership points. A draw may occur if both teams only have 3 players or where other circumstance have not allowed the games to be Power failure, exceeding closing time, etc.


Prior to the doubles, both team captains must nominate and write the players for both doubles on the score sheet. Prior to the singles, both team captains nominate and write all four players for the singles on the score sheet.

Prior to the teams game, both team captains nominate and write the players for the teams game on the score sheet.
Reserves or emergencies can only be interchanged after the doubles are completed or after the singles are completed. Once a players name is written on the score sheet, no interchange will be made. No more than 6 (six) players can play on any one night.

In finals matches both teams first doubles pair shall be handed to the scorer to write on the board.

The home side shall throw first for the bull.

Nearest to the bull will commence the game.

Each game alternates, ie second game visitor shall throw first, third game home side shall throw first.

If the player going for the bull achieves said bull, he has the right to remove their dart to prevent damage to it by the other player.

The second player may also ask the first player to remove their dart as to give him a better chance at the bull.This request may be denied by the first player. If both players darts enter the bull then both darts shall be thrown again.

There will be a maximum of three (3) minutes between the finish of one game and the start of the next. Any serious breach of this rule may result in the opposing captain claiming that game as a walkover. Once both sides names are written on the board no other players are permitted on the oche.

(i)A club must be able to provide a suitable home ground. (garages, sheds etc. are not suitable as permanent home grounds).Only licenced club rooms
or hotels etc. are acceptable.
(ii) In the event of the scheduled venue becoming unavailable,
a non-licenced venue deemed suitable by both Captains may be used.  (BYO
Drinks) Each Club/Hotel shall have a fixed facility, or a Committee approved portable, for each competition game to be played at their premises.

Home teams shall provide supper for both teams.


There is no free interchange of players between any teams even if in the same club/hotel.

To be eligible for the finals a player must have played a MINIMUM of 5 games during the Home and Away matches with the team in the finals, unless special permission is granted by a majority decision of the committee. Permission can only be granted if a written application is received by the Committee at least 7 days prior to the finals series and only where special circumstances exist.

In the event of a walkover, in order to qualify a player for eligibility for the finals, that player must be in attendance.This will only apply if the team concerned had the required compliment of players at the venue.A score sheet signed by the captain and all players in attendance, of the team claiming the
walkover, MUST be presented to the Committee.


In Qualifying Finals and Semi-Finals, the team finishing higher on the Ladder shall have the right of Home Ground Advantage and to host that

Preliminary Finals, the losing team in the 2nd semi-final shall have the right of Home Ground Advantage and to host that match. Grand Finals shall be played in a venue appointed by the Loddon Darts Association Committee. Each year, prior to the season commencement, the Committee will decide on the sequence of the finals matches depending on the number of teams playing in the season.


You must be a finals eligible player in any one season of the current year, to qualify to play in the Association Doubles and Singles Championships. b) Where extenuating circumstances exist, refer to rule 16(b).


A quorum of at least 50% of members eligible to vote must be in attendance before any Meeting may commence. All General meetings shall be deemed Special General Meetings and shall have the power to make alterations and amendments to the Playing Rules and Fees, and take any disciplinary action deemed necessary, provided that a majority vote is achieved by those eligible to vote.All members are eligible to attend
c) There will be 4 meetings per year. A Team nomination Meeting, 2 General Meetings and The A.G.M. General meetings will be added to the fixture.
Committee Meeting shall be called when necessary. Only the Committee may attend.
Executive Committee Meeting shall be called when necessary. Only the Executive Committee may attend.

The Committee consists of:President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Contest Director, Media Correspondent and 2 Committee Persons.

The Executive Committee consists of: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Contest Director, Media Correspondent.

The President, or Acting Chairperson shall control all meetings. All teams are required to have at least one representative, preferably
the captain, at General Meetings. Failure to comply may mean the loss of 4 match points. Subsequent failure may incur a penalty of a further 4 match points and a
$10.00 fine being imposed Any further failure may see that team being suspended.

Exceptions to Rule 19(f) may be considered where an acceptable apology is received prior to said meeting.
(h) all books, keys and property of Loddon Darts Association Inc. are now to be ready for hand over at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), regardless if you wish to take the
position on again, OR upon resignation from your position. POWERS:This set of rules have been adapted from the Geelong Men s Darts Association Incorporated.

Any issues arising not covered by these rules will be decided upon by the Committee at a time convenient to all Committee members. The Committee shall have the power to interpret these rules as it sees fit.

If both Captains at any match agree, they shall have the power to waive any rule, or interpret these rules as they see fit. Any variation of these rules must be notified to the Committee in writing on the reverse side of the match score sheet.

If any matters arise that you have concerns with, please contact the Secretary in writing so that the matter may receive further consideration.

Tania O'Connell
Secretary, Loddon
Darts Association Inc

Committee Members

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Bob Montebello

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Steve Formosa

Vice President
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Robina Little

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Tania O'Connell

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Robert Day

Contest Director