Welcome to our new area to keep track of the yearly competitions. This area is dare I say it still a little bit in Construction and will stay that way for a little while yet as until the Teams for the 2020 Season are finalized, I can't do too much in this area. A few new features we should soon have-

  •  A Team Roster Page- For detailed Team and Player Information. Initially, we hope to start simply with a Page for each Teams Roster and Contact Details. This will include a small Logo for each team and team Pictures if desired. We hope to further expand its capability by being able to click on a Team Member and see their latest stats but that's going to take some time and work to bring that feature to play.
  • A Team Fixture Page- A page to show all the season fixture, know exactly when and where your Team is fixtured to play.
  • A Team Ladder Page- This Ladder will automatically once scores are entered keep track of Ladder details.
  • An EVENTS Page- For the latest details about Social Game Nights or League Meetings. This page will easily detail all current and future Loddon Darts Events.